Custom Illustration: What to Expect

June 9, 2020

Every projects starts the same way. We listen to your needs. We ask questions, and then we think through possible solutions.

Initial analysis of the problem is one of the most important steps in the process. Think of us as a member of your team. We do more than provide a pretty picture - we shape the information presented to suit your goals for that image.

After this, we will develop pencil sketches. These may be initial concept roughs or more finished sketches breaking a process into steps. Whatever is needed for your project.

Then begins a series of proofing. We make edits and revisions in our sketches until it's right, and only then do we move on to color.

Color images are sent for final approvals before the finished image is delivered. All files are high resolution and print ready.


Images Start From Your Story

From rough concept sketches through finished sketches to final rendered art, we stay in contact through every phase of development.

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